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You may have several valid objections to positioning a website. Here we will deal with the most common ones:

1. My company is already well known and it does not need to be positioned.

It is quite common that businessmen owning famous companies regard the positioning of their site as unnecessary. However, we should bear in mind that the way a company is let known has changed. Even though a company may have a very good reputation in one region, this does not mean that it is also known in other places. A prestigious company may be probably unknown to people living outside the area where the company is sited, or who are not daily in contact with the product or service they need. In any case, the fame a company has risen in a certain region does not have an effect on massive audiences using the Internet. We must remember that we are dealing with positioning on the Web, which is very different from traditional positioning on the market. If a leading company wants to stay in control it needs to be well know on the Internet. This can only be achieved if it is easily found by people seeking the product or service it offers.

A company that is new and relatively unknown can soon become a leader in its area if it is well positioned on the Web. The whole world is buying on the Internet, which is more extense than a city or a country.

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2. The product or service offered by my company is very specific and it barely has competence.

The erroneous belief that if your product or service is very specific your site will be well positioned is very common. Positioning experts do not only know traditional marketing strategies, but also the way search engines function and the stymulus they need to send your rankings skyrocketing. We should bear in mind that search engines are digitally controlled through codes, and that searchs are organized by computers.

The search made by search engines is not rational and differentiated. Provided you have the time and skills to do it, you can even place among the first positions the search television set retail for a company that deals in furniture. Through the use of key words and codes search engines classify Web pages without distinguishing betwen information that is pertinent and information that is irrelevant. However, this kind of practice is illegal. If a search engine or an editor finds out that the site has been incorrectly classified it will be penalized or excluded from the search engine.

Therefore, no matter if your company is the only one offering a certain product or service, it may not appear among the first results shown by a search engine if it has not been positioned.

In addition, potential clients using search engines are not always sure of what they are looking for. They may get confused or be too vague in their search. A good positioning expert will know how to make your Web page show under the most various searchs. For example, if your company sells crockery it may appear well positioned under the term crockery, but it may not even appear if someone writes Coffee shop stuff, Table decoration, Gourmet dishes, etc.

If you get your Web page to appear under those searchs, it will not only reach potential clients but also people who had not considered the idea of renewing the crockery of their shop until they saw your company┬┤s offer.

Last but not least, positioning is an excelent advertising strategy. Provided your Web page shows under a wide variety of searchs, people will become familiar with your company. Even though at that moment they may not be interested in the service or product it offers, they will be familiar with it in case they need it in the future. In this regard, benefits multiply rapidly because people who find your Web page are directly linked with the product or service offered by your company. This is targeted advertising, and is always within the parameters of its objective.

3. My company has a very good advertising campaign and does not need to be included on the Internet.

Even though it is true that a good advertising campaign is very important for the functioning of a company, traditional means of advertisement have two weaknesses that can be perfectly solved by a good Web positioning.

To start with, traditional advertising is geographically limited. Television, radio, street and graphic advertising are limited to a certain region- most probably the region where the company does business. A good Web positioning will allow your company and its website to gain recognition beyond frontiers, without being limited to a group of people from a certain region.

The second weakness has to do with what stays in the memory of the audience through traditional means of advertising. Unless we are dealing with an exeptional advertising campaign- which will cost dear-, traditional advertising etches only some specific features on the minds of users. Audiences retain only the name of a company, or of the product or service offered by that company.

A good positioning on the Web and the consequent appearance of your website among the first search engine positions ensure that your company will etch more than its name in the minds of potential clients. It will also engrave its prestige and security: people believe that if your Web page is among the first search engine result listings is because it is either the best or the most visited in its area, or because your company and its Web page are very safe. Furthermore, there is a plus of trust that lies in the belief that, somehow, if your Web page is placed among the first search engine positions is because the search engine that shows your page supports it. The way this etches on people┬┤s memory is immeasurable and almost impossible to achieve by traditional means of advertisement.

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